Installing CASino is easy and straight-forward, but there’s a few requirements you’ll need to make sure your system has before you start.

Running CASino on Windows: Theoretically CASino should run fine on Windows machines but the official documentation does not support it.

Install using CASinoApp

Using the CASinoApp is the easiest and recommended way to get your CAS server up and running.

Directly on your server

Once you downloaded the latest version follow these simple steps to get a basic configuration:

cd CASinoApp
gem install bundler
./script/install sqlite # choose either sqlite (not recommended), postgres or mysql

This will generate a basic configuration. You’ll learn how to change the configuration in the next chapter.

Using a multi-staging environment

If you are willing to setup a multi-staging environment (development, staging, production), do the following on your development machine:

cd CASinoApp
gem install bundler
bundle install

Then continue to the next chapters and learn how to configure and deploy your CASino installation. You may also want to initialize a Git repository at this time.

Install from scratch

1. Create a Ruby on Rails application

Make sure you installed Ruby on Rails 3.2.x (for example through gem install rails -v '~> 3.2.11').

rails new my-casino --skip-test-unit --skip-bundle
cd my-casino

2. Include and install CASino engine gem

Edit your application’s Gemfile and add these lines if missing:

gem 'sqlite3'   # for sqlite support
gem 'mysql2'    # for mysql support
gem 'pg'        # for postgresql support
gem 'casino'

Run bundle install afterwards.

3. Generate the initial configuration

To generate the initial CASino configuration files, execute the following command:

bundle exec rails g casino:install


Regardless of the installation method, it’s highly recommended to add the following cleanup task as a cronjob (crontab -e):

*/5 * * * * cd /path/to/CASinoApp && RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake casino:cleanup:all > /dev/null

If you used the CASinoApp, you can easily add it with the following command:

bundle exec whenever --update-crontab CASino