If you did not setup your CASino installation directly on the productive server, you have several possibilities to deploy your code. Other deployment methods (such as a simple scp) may also work fine – we documented just some common scenarios.


Capistrano is one of the most popular deployment tools. Please take a look at the Capistrano Wiki for more details.

Install the needed tools

bundle install

Copy the example configurations

cp config/deployment-config.example.yml config/deployment-config.yml
cp config/deploy.example.rb config/deploy.rb
cp config/cas.yml.example config/deploy/cas.yml
cp config/database.yml.<database-type> config/deploy/database.yml

Configure the setup

vim config/deployment-config.yml # Settings for the deployment
vim config/deploy/cas.yml        # CAS-settings
vim config/deploy/database.yml   # Database settings


cap deploy:setup
cap deploy:migrations